How to do On-Page SEO of Website?

On-Page SEO Guide

You got a new website, Cool! and you are done with its designing and development. Super Cool!

But to rank in Google and drive massive traffic to your blog you need to do few things like on-page SEO and off -Page SEO

It’s written everywhere, SEO! SEO! SEO! but this is actually is.

In this blog, We will show you a few checklists to follow for your on-page SEO.

How are things to follow while doing ON-Page SEO?

Let’s move forward! There are only 2 things you need to follow

    1. Keyword Research
      1.1 Manually Choosing Keyword
      1.2 Choose Keyword with High Vol and low competition
    2. Do On-Page SEO
      2.1 Keyword should be in Title
      2.2 Keyword should be in Description
      2.3 Keyword should be in Keyword Tags
      2.4 Keyword should be in on the whole page specially in the first 100 words and last 100 words.
      2.5 Keyword should be in H1 tag
      2.6 Sub-Keywords should be in H2 tag
      2.7 URL should be very  SEO friendly

    3. Google has introduced a Mobile-based crawler so your website should be mobile-friendly.

    4. Now let’s move to OFF-Page SEO for off-page SEO. For this, you only need one thing that is Backlinks,  high authority, relevant and spam-free backlinks.


    That is all for On-Page SEO, we will post the next blog with how to rank with your specific keyword on Page One. 🙂

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